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The Great Gaming Drought of ’08

June 16th, 2008 by zohar

Categories: Gameboy, Miscellaneous

Dude. Except for a couple of Final Fantasies this summer (only one of them “new”), there are absolutely no good games coming out for the DS and Wii any time soon. PSP and PS3 are lacking too. What do I do for the rest of the year? ;_; There’s only so much Mario Kart I can play…

So, I guess it’s retro-gaming time. I’ve been playing stuff like Metroid 2: Return of Samus and Metal Gear: Ghost Babel for the GB/GBC. Metroid is pretty confusing without a map — by the next time I load up my save, I already forgot where the hell I was. But I suppose it’s still better than the original Metroid, where you don’t even get saves. And Metal Gear is surprisingly modern for a Gameboy game… it’s like an updated version of the original MSX / NES games.

Anyway, what are you guys playing this summer?

5 Responses to “The Great Gaming Drought of ’08”

  • Cat says:

    PICROSS! I got it back from my mom =O

    I’m actually really behind on my Wii games, so I have catching up to do on those, specifically Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3.

  • Eva says:

    Well, not whatever you’re making me play for one… :3

  • robbie says:

    OkamWii (sic), Boom Blox, and The World Ends With You. Boom Blox is one of those games that doesn’t get the attention it deserves for how good it actually is.

  • Chris says:

    Those are all great games. Looks like everyone is going to have a fun summer. 🙂 I plan on playing some of my Gamecube games. Mainly Metroid Prime 2 to get a 100% scan game and complete a hard mode speedrun on MP1. Pus, I found my old GBC so I can play the old school Super Mario Land. Good times ahead…

  • Tara says:

    The World Ends With You is one of them. Along with FF3, FF4, and whatever else that’s on my to-play list. :3