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August 12th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Random

During this continuous virtual proliferation of self-publishing, as anyone and everyone with a connection are welcomed a claim on the Internet, sifting through all the unfortunate ensuing shit and noise for something decent to read can get tiring. People with thoughts and opinions you may or may not care for. People with a careless grasp on the English language. Their disregard for the craft of words. Sometimes as long as the information is successfully passed along, it’s okay, but most of the time, I wish journalists and casual bloggers alike would take more care with what they say and how they say it — even if it’s just amongst friends.

With all that said, I really enjoy reading Chewing Pixels. Ever since I came across his faithful description of Asobi Seksu’s music, I think I’ve been completely captivated by his writing. If you never heard of CP before, he writes anything from music to life to all the things that drive our culture with a large focus on many aspects of gaming. And though his site may not be as informative as say Kotaku, his entries are insightful and beautifully crafted. Some of my favorites:

Sex and Tetris (WS, I promise)
My Virtual Sins: A Gamer’s Confession
What Will We Find?
Big Cats and Dark Woods
FFVII: Crisis Core – PSP Review
Nintendo: Con Generations?

Though gaming is only a small spoke on my morning star of interests, this is all something to aspire to nonetheless.

Which gaming blogs do you guys follow?

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