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2300 A.D. Still Affects Me

December 12th, 2008 by Tara

Categories: DS, SNES

Back in sixth grade, when I first received Super Mario RPG for the SNES, I played it enthusiastically. Until I hit that underground sewer after the Mushroom Kingdom. That place scared me. The music, the atmosphere, the monsters, everything. I couldn’t handle that place, so I shut my SNES down and didn’t touch the game for about a few months until I tried again.

Flash forward two or three years later when I tried Chrono Trigger for the first time on the SNES. Like Mario RPG, I played through the game fine for a couple of hours. But when Crono and his gang landed in 2300 A.D., I hated the desolate state, the depressing music, and the dystopia that greeted me through my hearing and sight. I couldn’t stomach that era, so again, I found myself quickly shutting down the game. Again, it took me a good few months to try the game and get through that time period.

Now it’s been over a decade, and I’m still affected by that darn time period. The developers did a great job of making that time period a frightening place! Ugh. Last night, I was telling myself to just get through the DS game quickly to leave 2300 A.D., but then I realised that I have to come back to that place again as I make progress.

Again, UGH. I do not like 2300 A.D.!

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