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For the Melee lovers

February 6th, 2009 by Cat

Categories: Gamecube, Wii

When Super Smash Bro. Brawl came along, so did a new physics engine that changed how much of the game worked. Some Smash fans loved Brawl; some wish it was still Melee-like. Well, Melee fans, there is a Wii homebrew called Brawl+. It alters Brawl to be closer to Melee, and I got to try it on my boyfriend’s Wii tonight.

To be honest, it’s been over half a year since I last played Brawl, so I don’t remember the game clearly. I actually couldn’t tell if the homebrew made the characters less “floaty”. What I did notice is how they grab the edges. In Brawl, if your character passes anywhere near the edge, it would automatically grab it. Melee doesn’t, and the homebrew makes edge grabbing the same as Melee’s style.

Another thing that Brawl+ “fixes” is tripping for no apparent reason. I’m not sure why Nintendo thought it would add any value to Brawl, but it’s good to have it gone.

Characters have gotten changes too. For Pokemon trainer, the Pokemon don’t have the concept of stamina, and when the Pokemon dies, it doesn’t automatically switch you to the next one. This allows you to continually play with the same one. Supposedly, some have been balanced such that they can’t do ridiculous long chains. Though, I didn’t mess with it enough to see that.

I have mixed feelings about this homebrew, so I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to have on all the time. I’m one of those fans who liked Melee but was also very open to Brawl. While Melee was fun, there was no Wolf 😉

One Response to “For the Melee lovers”

  • zohar says:

    Huh. Just googled it and it looks like they altered a lot of crap. Jump/fall speed sounds a lot better…

    Sounds interesting, but man, I haven’t played the Wii in SO long. Doubt I’ll start again now.. T_T