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Thank You for Playing Super Famicom

February 20th, 2009 by Chris

Categories: SNES, Wii

My latest toy has arrived from Japan.

It’s the Japanese Club Nintendo’s Classic Super Famicom Controller for the Wii
I just had to get the controller for two reasons:

1) Functionality (much better than the Class Controller)
2) Collector’s Club Nintendo item (that is when I pick up a second one in the distant future)

I just give my quick pros and cons for the Classic Super Famicom Controller VS. Classic Controller


– Its just like the original SNES/ Super Famicom Controller

– The D-Pad is MUCH more responsive (I hate the Classic controller’s D-Pad) Much easier to pull off Diagonal movements

– Same for the layout of the A,B,X,Y buttons much more user friendly in terms of button design, texture, and layout (spacing of the buttons on the controller in relation to shape and size of controller) and more responsive rapid button mashing

– It feels like it’s slightly wider than the Classic Controller (not by a lot) but it makes the controller feels less clumsy

– L & R buttons don’t having that “clicky” feel to them and are easier to hold down (pressure wise) or easier to tap rapidly (pressure wise)


– Its uses the same Wii Remote port as the Classic Controller. Would have love to plug it into the Wii GCN’s controller ports instead

– Its has fewer buttons (missing HOME, and Z buttons/ Control stick)
meaning the games playable with the SuperFamicom Controller are limited

– Insanely expensive and rare to find ($75 from Playasia/ Club Nintendo of JAPAN ONLY item) Vs. $20 from any local retail store for classic controller

– Build quality on the Classic Super Famicom Controller is not as solid as the Classic Controller. Though if the Super Famicom Controller was built the same way as my SNES controller, it’s going to last me a lifetime because my SNES controller was abused bad…

Pic for Comparison:

Overall, for my Super Metroid (game used to test both controllers) Speed Runs or any SNES game, I’ll take the Classic Super Famicom Controller any day over the “universal” Classic Controller
However, it’s one of those “pay to play” accessories which are NOT for everyone. A classic Controller works, but for gamers who are True to their games, the Wii Super Famicom Classic Controller is the way to go.

Please, Club Nintendo of America and Stars Catalogue of EU Bring over the local version of the Super Famicom controller. I miss my SNES purple buttons…

One Response to “Thank You for Playing Super Famicom”

  • zohar says:

    Oh man that controller is awesome. I was looking at it a while back but I never bought one ;_; I probably would’ve gotten it if I played more VC games.

    I really really hope Club Nintendo gets some cooler stuff… I think right now I only want the DS Hat Rack. >_>