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Club Nintendo Rewards

July 18th, 2009 by zohar

Categories: Merchandise, Wii

Anyone join Club Nintendo and register their games? They announced annual rewards earlier this week, and I claimed a nice plush-looking Mario hat replica, which apparently, one size fits all! I hope that doesn’t mean “all” children. I haven’t gotten it yet, but it should be coming soon!!

The other “platinum” annual reward was an exclusive WiiWare version of Punch-Out!! which features Doc Louis, Little Mac’s trainer. The “gold” annual reward was a Nintendo-themed calendar, but the design isn’t done yet so there aren’t any screenshots of it.

If you haven’t joined already, I highly recommend joining it. It’s basically FREE Nintendo stuff that you cannot find anywhere else. (Well, besides eBay.) Earlier this year, I also got a nice set of Nintendo-themed Hanafuda cards (no idea how to play), and I’m aiming to get the Mario Hat DS Rack and cartridge/stylus holder next… 😀

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