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Con Reports and Stuff

September 13th, 2009 by Eva

Categories: DS, Merchandise, Miscellaneous

Well, after the obligatory local anime conventions, and then the San Diego Comic-Con in July, con season has unofficially come to a bittersweet end for Z. and I with the attendance of PAX 10 last weekend. And while we’ll miss the epic Hall H lines, snapping “Oh my god, no, no more!” at beautiful booth babes attempting to dupe us into taking home more free crap, staring at the guy sitting in front of us at panels that’s completely covered in cat hair, and the super sexy, intimate brushes with swine flu, we’re happy to be finally at home in our TMNT tighty whities, coddling our fallible memories and all the cool shit we picked up along the way. But mostly all the stuff we got ’cause good memories just don’t keep your noggin bright and toasty in the dark bowels of winter or aid you in SFIV.

We did pick up a few Nintendo related things — mostly these Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story beanies after demoing it at PAX.

Mario RPG 3 Beanies

They were kept in a cage, watched over by a Nintendo staffer who checked if you actually finished the demo or not before asking you which color beanie you wanted. There were only two Mario RPG 3 stations, and the line for this was… not fun. And despite the deeply challenging, obvious trials and tribulations we went through to obtain these, we still don’t know if we actually liked the game or not. I guess we still have two more days to think about it, though. (Game ships this Monday, September 14th.)

Speaking of Trials and Tribulations, I picked up this Phoenix Wright bookmark set as well as a stylus that used to be a pre-order bonus for Justice For All from the Capcom booth at PAX.

Pheonix Wright Stuff

Reading has never been more fun! And SHINY. Also, I liked these a lot more than the swag demoing Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations at Comic-con got ya.

Last and least, Z. picked up this Comic-con exclusive Metal Sonic — but not really exclusive since it’s now available on the site (WTF, Toys ‘R’ Us jerks) so I won’t bore you with any more photos.

We also tried playing Scribblenauts at PAX, but we couldn’t even get NEAR the stations. Scribblenauts hits this Tuesday, September 15th, and if the mobs at PAX were any indication, hopefully it’ll be good. I love the concept.

Well, until next summer. We’re gonna go play with our toys now.

3 Responses to “Con Reports and Stuff”

  • Tara says:

    T____________T I am jealous of your Phoenix Wright merchandises. AHHHHH.

  • Cat says:

    Nice swag =O I want reading to be shiny. WANT those bookmarks. And, haha, that pointing stylus is pretty funny.

    I also think it’s funny that the Sonic still has “Exclusive” in its title on the Toys R’ Us site. Exclusive fail.

  • Chris says:

    Sweet sway haul!! Love the bookmarks and I bought one of those metal sonic figures from TRU as well. It stinks that you did not get a chance to try out scribblenauts–its a very good creative game.