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2 New Games for me

December 3rd, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Wii


Well I finally got some time to play some Wii games over my Thanksgiving Break.
Fist Up New Super Mario Bros. Wii. What a fantastic 2D Super Mario game it is. It has exceptional level design with numerous secret exits and old school run and jump controls. It’s such a shame that gamers had to wait so long for a true 2D Super Mario game.
What I loved:
– True old school Mario platforming
– Pretty challenging if you are trying to collect all the Gold Star Coins
– Wrap pipes for speed runners, (its possible to skip from world 1 to world 5 and then from world 5 to world 8). *suggested only after you 100% complete the game.
– The helicopter suit and Penguin suit are a great addition
– Multiplayer/ Co-op requires actual teamwork
– Yoshi made it into the game
What I hated:
– Well, once you beat it 100%, you’re sad that it’s over
– Besides Co-op gameplay the multiplayer modes are weak and shallow
– Penguin suit not offered as much, tiny blue mushroom is extremely rare to find on the levels, both are not really used at all in 95% of the levels.
– There really is nothing new or really innovating to the series besides Co-op play

Overall, the game is still a must own for all Wii gamers

Next, Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles. A fantastic and very fun light gun game for the Wii.
What I loved:
– A return trip to Raccoon City as Claire and Leon
– Better visuals that the previous RE Light gun game for the Wii
– Deeper development of the RE storyline
– Scary ‘jump out of your seat’ moments
What I hated:
– The game is told through Leon’s perspective. Some of the events are slightly different than the way they occurred if you played RE2 or RE:CV.
– The weapons selection seems weaker than the selection found in RE: Umbrella Chronicles.
– RE: Umbrella Chronicles had more unlockable missions and more selection of characters

Overall, I’m pleased with this RE addition to the Wii. Recommended for the Wii owners who love blasting virtual zombies.

One Response to “2 New Games for me”

  • Cat says:

    I still need to get that new Mario game. I put in an order for it just yesterday!

    Aah, I’m tempted to get Dark Side. I still need to finish Umbrella Chronicles though.