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Happy Holidays & Mascot Found

December 21st, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Merchandise, Miscellaneous

First, thing first. Happy Holiday fellow NokoNoko bloggers.
My family decided again to put up a X-Mas tree. The main reason for us having a tree this year was because we were disappointed with the lack of gamer X-Mas themed trees, so we had to do the gaming community justice. So a pic of the Nintendo Theme X-Mas Tree filled with all sorts of official licensed Nintendo character key chains.

Nintendo Themed X-Mas Tree 09 #1

The second part of the post has to do with the mascot of this blog NokoNoko.
While shopping for some X-Mas gifts, I found the bane of my existence in Mario Kart Wii and had to get it for myself. I did find something else…a NokoNoko plush which actually looks decent. So I decided to pick it up for you Cat. Now you got the blog’s mascot in plush form.

Mario Kart Wii Spiny Blue Shell Plush
NokoNoko plush

Happy Holidays All. See you all next year.

One Response to “Happy Holidays & Mascot Found”

  • Annelie says:

    Hi! My name is Annelie and I live in Sweden! I searched for “Blue shell” and your page came up. I am looking for a Blue Shell toy but I havn´t found it anywhere! 🙁 One of my children has for a long long time wished for a Blue Shell. Where did you found yours plush? I would be so thankful for answer from you! Bye bye!