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3DS Thoughts

January 19th, 2011 by Mars

Categories: 3DS

Well, although 3DS information and visuals have been around the interwebs for quite some time, today has been announced for NA and Europe (release date, price).

I think its a pretty cool handheld, I mean, sure, its alittle bit expensive, but seriously I never thought It would be cheapier. Also, how many consoles do you know that let you have portable 3D? I know, I know, It may sound a little too gimmicky, but, cmon… didnt they just said the same about the motion controls of the Wii, or the touch-based DS? They turned out to be the best systems of this generation. Well, maybe not the best SYSTEMS, but Im pretty sure they had the better games. I dont understand people. Really. They are all just saying “omgz lulz, its just a PSP with 3D lawl nabs”. But the truth is, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, even the enhancement remakes like Ocarina of Time or Star Fox, cool 3rd party franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Street Figther or Resident Evil? Cmon people. Is really horsepower everything you look on a console?
What about the fun?

Well, im kinda pissed that people around the globe thinks like that. Its like “what happened to playing a fun game? Now you all just play to get frustrated because people online own you and then teabag you”.
I really like some Microsoft and Sony games. But I dont get the hate for Nintendo these days.

Anyways, I will really try to buy a 3DS on day 1, but its going to be difficult, I’ve been living on my own apartmen for some months now, my girlfriend has been staying too. If I dont get one, no problem, I know I will get one soon ennough.

What about you? Do you like the 3DS? What about its games? And how do you feel about comparing it to other known consoles on the market?

Just hoping this doesnt look too tl;dr… greets.

8 Responses to “3DS Thoughts”

  • zohar says:

    This all sounds like feedback from hardcore gamers. You’ll hear the same thing about Kinect or Move — “I don’t want another Wii.”

    The thing is, all this negativity doesn’t matter. Sales for the 3DS will be through the roof. Nintendo has mastered casual marketing and the 3DS will be no exception.

    That being said though, I’m personally not impressed with the current line-up. Way too many ports for my liking (MGS3, SF4, OOT). However, my concern is that 3rd parties will once again be unable to mimick Nintendo’s success with their 1st party titles. When’s the last time a good 3rd party game came out for the Wii?

  • Cat says:

    I feel the same way as zohar, too many ports. I’m usually not the type to like gimmicky 3D stuff, but I am interested in the 3DS.

    When it comes to handhelds, fiance and I usually get 2, one for each of us. I think we’re just going to get 1 3DS this time around though. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a 3DS Lite or something down the road.

  • Mars says:

    Well, I know there is a lot of ports in it.
    But there are 1st party titles that, as a Fan, you cannot miss. Also, there will be more games coming.
    About the upgraded and special versions, well… Nintendo has been doing it since the start, so I supossed I just got used to it.

  • Robbie says:

    Virtual console for GameBoy games. Sold.

  • Tara says:

    Maybe I’m just old-fashioned with my games, but . . . I’m actually really confused on how this entire thing is going to be 3-D . . . not that it really matters since I prefer 2-D gaming any way. XD A dying trend, but hey, that’s what virtual console/PSN-equivalent thingie is for 😀

    . . . And re-playing games like Phoenix Wright.

    But I digress. I don’t think I’ll get a 3DS unless there’ s a game I really, really want. And so far I only see one that interests me, the Layton/Phoenix game, but I dunno if I want to spend $250 for a handheld. Oh well. I’ll just wait forever for a price drop.

    Though, I admit, that all these DS incarnations are slightly ridiculous O_O;;; I thought the DS-Lite was perfect for what it did . . . and then they came out with the DSi and a DS XL . . . and now a 3DS! So Zohar’s comment about Coming 2012… 3DSi Lite XL. Now in Pikachu Yellow! cracked me up so much! X3

    • Cat says:

      My friend got to try out a 3DS, and he thinks the 3D is done surprisingly well. I think the DS takes advantage of the fact that you’re looking at the screen straight on and at a certain distance. It doesn’t have to use 3D glasses to make up for the different angles.

      I love the DS Lite too, and I guess I can see the reason for the DSi. The DSi XL however… we got one for free, and it’s so big and awkward! My mom and (future) mother-in-law didn’t even want one. I thought they might like the larger screen, but they would rather have something compact.