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January 10th, 2011 by Tara

Categories: DS, Merchandise

After loaning Gyakuten Kenji (aka Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth) and my other Gyakuten Saiban games to a friend since June (which he never did get around to playing it), I finally got them back last month. I’ve been itching to play GK again, so I started on it two days ago. I’m on the fourth case, and I’m having fun. Here are some random thoughts on my replay . . .

* The different voices for Miles. I mean, come on. I swear, one of his shouting voice sounds like Kristoph’s (from Gyakuten Saiban IV aka Apollo Justice) freaky voice! So my question is, Capcom, why couldn’t you stick with one voice actor for Miles? Do you know how much it grates me to hear like five different people for one character?

* I still adore Kay. She doesn’t annoy me as Maya, Trucy, or Pearl did.

* Gumshoe is just made of win. I love watching his sprite stomp his feet in a tantrum!

* Maybe it’s my DS-Lite, but I am annoyed that it takes literally ten seconds to save the game.

* Shi-Long Lang is one BAMF. I don’t know who’s more awesome — him, Tyrell Badd, or Godot. *ponders*

* Those badgers — those freaky badgers drive me insane in the third case! Though, I have to admit, hearing the Blue Badger theme song in a march variation is an earworm!

All in all, I still adore this game and still adore the whole series. I can’t wait for Gyakuten Kenji 2 now!

P.S. — If you don’t have the first Phoenix Wright game, then here’s a deal you can find at the Capcom Store. For $39.95, you can buy both Ghost Trick and the first Phoenix Wright game! A good deal compared to those third-party sellers price. Seriously, if I lived in the States and if I needed a copy of the game, I’d so order it!

5 Responses to “Eureka!”

  • Mars says:

    I didnt know there was different voice actors for Miles.
    That is annoying, has happened to me too in some games.
    Now, Ghost Trick… mmmm, I would like that game.

    • Tara says:

      Well, it certainly sounds like it! I mean, I may not have the best hearing of in the world or have perfect pitch, but I know those voices are not by the same person XD;

      I want Ghost Trick, too! Then, again, it is Capcom, and they’ve impressed me with the whole Phoenix Wright games 😀

  • zohar says:

    Man, as much as I like Edgeworth, I want more Phoenix Wright. I hope they release an AA that fills in the time gap before the events of Apollo Justice.