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New look!

January 2nd, 2011 by Cat

Categories: Updates

Well, after over 2 years, Noko finally has a new layout! Just in time for the new year =) If something doesn’t seem right, please let me know!

A friend gave me a Pacman notebook for Christmas, and this layout is very much inspired by it. I hope the background pattern is visible. My 2nd monitor is on the dark side, so I can’t really see it there, yet it shows up fine on my primary monitor.

Pages have been rewritten, like Join Us. Since the blog has been kind of dead, it’d be nice to see new faces. And, I finally enabled nested comments.

Happy New Year everyone!

4 Responses to “New look!”

  • Mars says:

    Hey happy new year too!
    I like a lot the new desing (well, I just love any Pac-related stuff), the background looks great on my monitor.
    Miscellaneous is your second most used category, having an icon along with the consoles wouldnt hurt (however if its JUST consoles, then its alright and cute).

  • Tara says:

    This looks awesome! I love it! So retro!

  • Chris says:

    Happy & Healthy New Year

    and new pac-man look… waka waka waka…

  • Cat says:

    Thanks guys!

    @Mars – yeps, I wanted it to be just consoles =)