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The kitchen sink

January 28th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: PSP

So… it seems the PSP2 (aka NGP) is pretty much a portable PS3 with touch screens?

That’s pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure what I think about it. I do think it’s really cool that they managed that. I just don’t know if I’d get it. It’s partly because I wonder about the price of the system and games. The other part is that I don’t normally carry a handheld around with me anymore. If given a choice between playing a game on the PSP2 and PS3, I’d probably choose PS3. Portable is nice, but big screen TV… is also quite nice. (I don’t know if games will be coming out for both, but that’s my preference if they do.)

Your thoughts on it?

4 Responses to “The kitchen sink”

  • Tara says:

    Uhm. What? Another new system?!

    I just wish game companies would stop releasing a new console/handhelds so often! I feel like I can never keep up with all the changes and the new shiny, tempting toys that makes me so poor and materialistic. I know these new releases makes money for companies, but . . . no moooooooore! No more temptations!

  • Mars says:

    Well, this is no “upgrade”. Think of it as Gameboy Advance was to GameBoy (Light, Pocket, Color).
    I… mostly agree with what you say.
    It does not quite have PS3 level graphics, it is more something like between the current PSP and a PS3.
    Being the semi-collector I am, I will get this, Im just hoping Pentavision releases a DJ Max game in it.
    This year, im going to be poorer than poor.

  • Robbie says:

    Not interested. For what will be nearly the same price, I’d rather get the PS3.

    Sony exclusives are also not as exciting as Nintendo exclusives, so 3DS > NGP.

  • zohar says:

    I think it’ll really just depend on the type of 3rd party support it gets and how hard Sony pushes on getting PSN as good as XBL. 3rd party support was very scarce for the PSP, which is why it didn’t do so well, and PSN connectivity was an afterthought from its original release.

    With the addition of dual analog sticks (finally) and a touch screen on the back, it allows for a lot of things that isn’t possible on other handhelds.

    Whether I get it or not is going to just come down to price. I’m guessing MSRP will be ~$350 since Sony supposedly claims it is “affordable” and not the $599 figure that has been floating around the internet.