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Is this the same game?

February 9th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: Gamecube, Wii

So, I tried theĀ Project M demo already, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod I mentioned in my previous entry. My Wii is unhacked, and it was nice that I didn’t have to hack it to run Project M. I open the custom stage builder, and it somehow loads from there with files on a SD card. Since it’s just a first demo, not all of the characters and stages were available.

Unfortunately, none of the characters available were my mains, so it was harder for me to really notice all the differences. For a refresher, we played with some of the available characters on Melee, then on Brawl, then with Project M on.

Man, playing Project M was almost like playing a totally new Smash game, especially transitioning from Brawl to Project M. The floatyness is gone, and the characters move so much smoother and faster. Even the interfaces were changed to look different. I also noticed that it sets tournament settings by default (stock, stock timer, etc).

Older stages like Yoshi’s Story and N64 Dreamland were brought back. There were also new custom stages that were never there before. I found it interesting that they even altered existing stages. For example, they removed the breakable platforms in Skyworld.

Character mechanics changed, like Mario sort of felt like a Mario and Dr. Mario hybrid. His down+B was changed from FLUDD to his spinning move. Link’s boomerang no longer had that tornado effect. Charging his up+B was removed, but the move felt less gimpy at least. A few of his moves seemed even faster than Melee. And very much to Buckley’s delight, Captain Falcon’s “knee” was back to its former glory.

In Melee, you were able to do a light shield by partially pushing down R, a full shield when pushed fully. In Brawl, only pushing down fully was an option. In Project M, pushing down partially will activate shield and air dodge.

Overall, I’m surprised at how many changes there are. I’m interested in seeing how the full thing will be like, especially with characters I actually use (Wolf, Samus, Peach). Unfortunately, that means I have to play with Buckley D= (Him = played in tournaments. Me = teh suck.)

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