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Old School RPG Cravings

February 12th, 2011 by Tara

Categories: Genesis, PS2

Hoo boy, I’m in a mood to re-play (or at least BEAT) a Sega Genesis game called Phantasy Star IV. This particular game will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s pretty much the first RPG I was ever introduced to. I was in fourth grade (sometime before September 1995), and I was at my best friend’s house. Unlike me, she had a Sega Genesis system — back then, I only had the PC as my gaming device. Anyway, she had Phantasy Star IV, and she introduced it to me.

Honestly, I don’t remember much about the game . . . but I do remember seeing Rune and thinking he was HOT. My best friend then told me that Wren was even hotter for something non-human! Ah, even back then, I was attracted to the bishounen guys . . .

Anyway, I digress. Since then, I’ve played it, er, illegally, in my middle school days, but I think I stopped playing when I got to Dezolis. Then I got the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2 several years back. I reacquainted myself with the game, got all the way to the final boss, and then stopped because that whole place, the boss, and the music was creeping me out. I should really dig it out and beat it, or at least re-play it again. I’m just in the mood to play something that’ll take me down the nostalgia lane! To me, Phantasy Star IV epitomises JRPGs; it’s like the grandfather of any modern JRPGs. It has good anime-style graphics (for its time), a pretty engaging storyline, great cast of characters and character development, and awesome music — which are all factors that make a good game for me.

Really, I adore this game. I’ll always credit Chrono Trigger as THE game that has got me into serious RPG gaming, but Phantasy Star IV is probably what really started it all for me.

What about you, readers and fellow bloggers? What is that one game that really holds a special place in your heart? (And any of you NokoNoko folks played this game before?)

8 Responses to “Old School RPG Cravings”

  • Mars says:

    I never got into the Phantasy Star saga and I dont know how much of a good series they are, I only have two: Phantasy Star Online I & II and Phantasy Star Online III: C.A.R.D. Revolution, both for the GameCube.
    Never played them tho. lolz.
    However I do remember playing Shining Force and some sequels.
    Well, like you I credit Chrono Trigger as my primary RPG ever.

    • Tara says:

      I only played PS4 and a bit of PS2 before I got frustrated with its Nintendo Hardness. I don’t even consider PS Online part of the saga because it’s not really interconnected with the original four games.

      Shining Force is another game I’ve been recommended, but as someone who dislikes strategy RPGs, I couldn’t stomach it much XD;;;

  • Chris says:

    Sadly, I never got into the old school Phantasy Star games. I started playing Phantasy Star games when Phantasy Star Online came out and I’ve been hooked on those games ever since. I loved the orginal Phantasy Star Online so much that I bought both PSO Ep 1+2 and the later released PSO Ep 1+2 plus that came with 3 extra online quest for offline mode. I played the card ver. of Ep 3 and even imported the DS ver. of Phantasy Star Zero because I just couldn’t wait for a North American release.

    What game that that really holds a special place in your heart?

    If I didn’t answer Metroid Prime 1 or the Metroid Prime Trilogy Series Cat will hurt me =)

    But, Metroid Prime really does hold a very special place in my heart…my all time favorite game. Probably explains why I have 10 copies of that game in every possible region and format (regular/ player’s choice/ ports to the Wii). I still remember that afternoon, first thing I did when I got out of school want drive down to the local gamestop and ask the manager for my copy of Metroid Prime; went home and popped it into my Gamecube and was instantly delighted…well worth the 8 year wait between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. When I want to just play a game that brings a smile to my face, I pop MP1 into my Wii and off I go back to Tallon IV.

    • Tara says:

      Sadly, I never wanted to play PS Online because it didn’t look that much interconnected with the original four games. I’ll just stick with IV!

      And I’d figured Metroid Prime is your game. 😀 I have never played it — it’s not really my type of game — but hurrah for having that one game that’s really close to your heart!

  • Mars says:

    Aww, forgot to answer your question.
    If I had to choose a game that holds a special place in my heart that would be….

    Darn, i’ve been here for 15 minutes and still cant make a choice. Thats just a really hard question (and a painful torture) for someone that just loves videogaming in general.

    ): cant decide… soz.

    • Tara says:

      Yeah this kind of question can be hard! I think several years ago, I would have said Chrono Trigger, but PSIV really holds a special place in my heart because that’s the game that really triggered something in me without me ever knowing it back then. 😀

  • Cat says:

    lol, totally didn’t realize I skipped over the Sega consoles XD;; I added Genesis and Dreamcast to the list!

    I haven’t played any of the Phantasy Stars unfortunately. The games that are really special to me are ones from the NES and N64 days. I have fond memories of NES games like Bubble Bobble and Ninja Turtles 3, and N64 games like Perfect Dark and Mario 64 XD

    • Tara says:

      Thanks for adding the Sega console 😀

      I played Bubble Bobble on arcade machines! I never owned an NES or an N64 (the latter’s controllers really confused me). I didn’t have my first game system (GameBoy) until I was in fifth grade! My mother wouldn’t let me have one, claiming that if I had game systems, I’d become a bad student 🙁