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I don’t feel the “Luck”.

March 15th, 2011 by Mars

Categories: Xbox 360

Sorry folks! I have been cut from the internet for a while, but as of today I got connected again.

So, well, I’ve been playing (finally!) Fallout: New Vegas, im currently at level 12, I did a long play this past weekend, now I have more than 20 hours of gameplay time and have visited 3X/50 locations.
The dialogue is a damn good improvement over FO3, there are more interesting factions, even the companions seem to be more involved with your quest. The quests are as well an improvement, as they are more hard than before (which is good if you have the previous experience of FO3).
There are a lof of new items, completely new weapon mods and the characters are more interesting as well. Voice acting is not that great tho, but its ok, can deal with it.


However! I prefer FO3 over FO:NV, and there are a few reasons. First of all, the music. Sure, the Mojave desert should not sound more like the purest country music,¬† and the song selection itself is not bad. But I find the FO3 OST a lot more memorable than this second selection. Also, regarding the radio stations… I cant manage to understand a thing of what Mr. New Vegas is saying, seriously. He has a great golden voice, no doubt, but I guess my english is not good ennough to understand him. Another thing is *SPOILER START* after I got a radio station to shut down as part of a quest the songs were lost forever! Now its all just static, I know its obvious, but it would be a good thing to put those songs on the other stations to refill. I can lift the radio ban, but there were some hilarious but annoying super mutant conversations I don’t want to hear again. *SPOILER END*.

Sure, that does not make the game unplayable, just a little less enjoyable. But I still manage to get over it.

Theres one more reason, and that is: Its locations. Mojave desert just feels… plain. In FO3 we had a lot of buildings you can get into, lots of city streets, a lot more of houses and public locations like hospitals, schools, stores, police stations etc. We had a Fort, an underground city full of kids, a town made of junk, a mined town, a slavers town, a lot of vaults, a town settled within an aircraft carrier, you could visit the Jefferson memorial, the Lincoln memorial, FOUR museums, the Washington mall, the White House and even had a complete underground metro system!! GEEZ!! But… in FO:NV… you have some quiet towns, a city, a lot of camps (some medium sized, some pretty small, only a couple big ennough and they are not even THAT interesting), some bunkers and some vaults (wich are almost the same, really…), the Hoover Dam and of course… the most cool looking place in the entire game: New Vegas.

Really? That is all? As far as I have played… yup! Thats all folks… It sucks!!! I cant believe it, compared to the FO3, New Vega’s Mojave desert feels like a…

Like a desert.

But its kinda sad, I mean, they could have added fiver or six more things! I can’t even believe I have discovered more than half of the game’s locations, now what a letdown, and that is why I prefer FO3 over NV.

So in the end, if you dont have neither of those games but are planning to buy one, my suggestion is buy Fallout 3. It has a lot more of content, guaranteed!

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