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PAX fun

March 15th, 2011 by Cat

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Well, we’re back from Boston! Buckley and I visited Robbie, and we went to PAX East on Friday. The rest of the weekend, we spent mainly eating good foods and gaming XD;; We did indeed finish Scott Pilgrim and started on Tales of Vesperia, which seems to have a lot of (bad) dialog. Perhaps more on that another time because PAX is way more interesting.

Here’s a view of the expo floor, and its craziness.

The first thing we did was head over to the Capcom booth for a very specific reason:

Yes, Chibiterasu plushies from Okamiden! They had a limited number and were only selling them at PAX East =D Thanks to Chris for giving me the heads up on them. One goes to you!

While there, we tried out the 3DS because the lines there were much shorter than at the Nintendo booth. I have to say, the 3D is done well and looks good. Things aren’t popping out at you. Instead, they look sunken in. The front most things look where they naturally should be. It’s the background that looks farther back, giving it depth. There is an optimal angle to view it at though. If I was a little off either horizontally or vertically, it didn’t quite look right.

The two 3DS titles I tried were Street Fighter and Resident Evil Mercenaries. Unfortunately, Street Fighter is kind of a joke. I noticed that my special moves and finishers were on the touch screen. I tapped it, and my character instantly did it. Yeah, it’s that easy. Resident Evil was like the mercenary mini game in RE4/5, survive as long as you can.

I visitedĀ Behemoth, though I didn’t see anything new. They had Battle Block Theater again, which I played last year. I picked up this cute giraffe (from Castle Crashers) phone charm though.

I really wanted to play Portal 2, but the line was… ridiculous. And then Buckley pointed out that it releases next month. I suppose I can wait (and we pre-ordered the two pack on Steam).

I remember Spy Party being mentioned a while ago, and Buckley and I gave it a try. It needs a lot of polish, but it’s an interesting idea. One player is a Spy. The other is a Sniper. The mode we played gave the Spy missions to accomplish, which the Sniper knows about too. The Spy wants to accomplish all missions without the Sniper killing him. The Sniper wants to figure out who in a room full of people is the Spy. While I was Sniper, it was kind of overwhelming to pay attention to everyone and figure out who was the Spy. As Spy, I was paranoid and had to plan out my actions so I could do them as naturally looking as possible.

Of course, we visited Irrational’s booth, which featuredĀ Bioshock Infinite, though no demo yet. But, I got a free shirt, and our picture with Him and Elizabeth!

Buckley and I tried The Hunted, which may be a possible co-op for us later. I don’t really have an opinion of it to be honest. It’s something I’d need to play more to see it as the action/RPG hybrid that they describe it as.

And, Buckley is a big fan of Monday Night Combat, so we saw Uber as well. They debuted a new map, and Buckley bought an exclusive outfit for the assassin, which came with this poster.

And, there were a couple smaller games I remember, such as Slam Bolt Scrappers. Something about building blocks for weapons and power ups and destroying another tower. Robbie and I played together against 2 other people. We didn’t totally know what we were doing, but dammit, we built the best tower we could and won. *high five* There was also Snapshot, a puzzle platformer. You take pictures of objects, store them, and can use them to solve puzzles. The bits we played were kind of repetitive, but if the levels get more creative, I think this one could be interesting.

There were some others we played too, though sadly, I don’t totally remember them O.o Overall, fun trip!

4 Responses to “PAX fun”

  • Mars says:

    Daamn, those PvZ Cones look cool.
    Anyways, Tales of games went from pure awesomeness to ewww, really bad games. So, how was Scott Pilgrim?
    Street Figther 3DS has an option to turn off the auto-special moves buttons… I guess. Nothing new at Behemoth? Cmon! We need Castle Crashers 2!!
    Overall nothing new, but im glad you had fun!

    • Cat says:

      I’m going to have another entry about Scott Pilgrim soon actually :3

      Aah, I didn’t know you could turn them off. I’m not sure how I feel about a fighting game on a handheld though. It felt kind of odd!

  • Chris says:

    w00t, sounds like you had a great time Cat!!
    Thanks again for the Chibiterasu plush!!