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DLC annoyance

July 27th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: Miscellaneous

Robbie and I talk about Dragon Age: Origins and the DLC gear.

Robbie: Is the gear really that much better?
me: About the same as the expensive ones, but I don’t have to pay in game money for them, just real monies. No problem.

I think in most cases, I’m not a fan of DLCs, but this ends up happening anyway. I really think they should be in the game in the first place, and I get annoyed when DLCs I actually want come out after I’ve already finished the game.

Also, I don’t like the “pre-order from [store here]” to get a bonus DLC. I don’t mind pre-ordering, but in a lot of cases, it’s Gamestop, which isn’t where I want to buy the game anyway. I always prefer Amazon since I have reward points.

In terms of Dragon Age, I guess the good thing about playing it late is there’s an “Ultimate Edition” now that comes with Awakening and all the DLCs, which is what I have. I suppose if I want all of the extra content that badly, I could always wait for the bundles. But… when you’re really looking forward to a game… it kind of sucks to wait…

One Response to “DLC annoyance”

  • Mars says:

    I have mixed feelings about DLC. Its really how companies work with the feature, for example, for the Fallout games, the DLC are individual chapters, which is great, after you finish the main quest you can go and play those extra bits of story, because they “expand” the game in unique ways, as an extra, each DLC comes with unique weapons and gear.
    But, lets say, Marvel vs Capcom 3, when it was announced, Capcom said they were going to support the game with DLC for extra characters… it never happened, now they are announcing “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3” with some extra characters… seriously, now Capcom is just $%#&ing up his fans up the arse, and making extra moneyz in the process (which makes me hate them, also for the cancellation of MML3 and MMU). Now theres other companies that make their games with the DLC ALREADY in the disc, what the hell? I mean, why would they do that? Oh, I know… money. Mortal Kombat had all the extra costumes already hidden in the disc, and some days later they were charging as “dlc” (even if it was not literally downloaded content).
    Now thats just being an smartass, and its not funny.
    Ultimately, theres DLC like that of Dragon Age, or Mass Effect. There are some individual chapters, or extra missions, cool! Love that, and then there are these… “Weapon and Costumes” DLC… personally, I found those useless, but, of course, thats me.

    In the end, I think, DLC is a great idea… when used right. Sadly, most of the videogame companies are just money hungry and its becoming the stantard to rip off us… the customers. Sad story, I know… but its the truth. Analyze it.