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Bejeweled Me!

November 30th, 2011 by Tara

Categories: PC

I barely played any games from mid-September up to mid-November because my grad school classes were kicking my behind. Honestly, about the only game I’ve been playing lately was Fruit Ninja on my iPod Touch, which really shows just how much time I had gaming-wise!

Now that my classes have winded down, and I am free until mid-January, I decided to try and do some real gaming. My glorious plans consisted of continuing Dragon Age: Origins, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, and some of my PlayStation 3 titles. Well, Steam’s Cyber Monday sale distracted me. One of my friends gifted me Musaic Box (which I played and pretty much beat in 2 hours), and I ended up buying Mata Hari and Recettear.

. . . I also ended up getting Bejeweled 3. Bad, bad, bad idea. Bejeweled Blitz already has this nasty effect on me where I play for hours, and now Bejeweled 3 will treat me the same. in fact, I am already sucked into it! I really am not sure what it is about Bejeweled that attracts me so much, but it is going to be difficult drawing myself away from that game!

Does anybody else have a game that does that to them? A game that sucks and owns your soul to where you never get tired of playing?

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