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Gaming Year in Review: 2011

January 1st, 2012 by Cat

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Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time again where I briefly review games I played in the past year. First, here are my favorites from 2011!

Favorite single player: Dragon Age: Origins
I know Dragon Age:Origins didn’t come out in 2011, but that was when I played it. I spent 100 hours on this game and loved it all. Though it was very buggy, I thought the combat and characters were great.

Favorite multiplayer: Portal 2
The co-op in Portal 2 is the best I’ve played so far. Using more than one portal gun just opens up new challenges and cool things to do. The single player was great too, but I thought co-op was even more fun.

Favorite download/indie: Bastion
Bastion is one of the best download/indie games I’ve played. I liked how the storytelling was through the narrator. I liked how the upgrade and difficulty system worked. The soundtrack is also excellent.

(* = beat/finished the game)


Audiosurf – creates tracks off of your own songs. Interesting concept and quick fun. I just play a song or two once in a while when I’m bored.

* Bastion – see above.

Diablo III – Hm… should this count? I played the beta and was excited to see the changes. I think it turns some things that used to be a chore into a non-issue.

* Dragon Age: Origins – see above.

Magicka – This game is funny and the magic combinations are interesting, but we eventually got bored of playing this. I think there was little motivation to keep going without an upgrade/level system.

* Portal 2 – see above.

* Puzzle Agent – kind of like an easier Professor Layton game, except with less puzzles and a really weird ending.

* Resident Evil 5 – felt similar to RE4… except co-op! Chris and Sheva’s roles were actually equal. Not very scary, but we really liked playing this one together. This was close to being my favorite co-op.

* Secret of Monkey Island – the remake of an oldie. It’s a quirky puzzle game which actually stumped me in a few places.

Serious Sam HD – a remake of the first Serious Sam. I haven’t played much yet, but it’s a shooter that I’m enjoying.

Titan Quest – pretty much a Diablo 2 clone, though not as interesting to me.

* Torchlight – one of the better Diablo 2 clones… probably because it was really, really similar. I had fun playing as an Alchemist, and I thought the end got pretty challenging.


* Donkey Kong Country Returns – A solid and fun platformer that was surprisingly hard.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – There are elements that seem different than past Zelda games. I was slow to get into it, but the more I play it, the more I like it.

* Metroid Prime 1 – I liked having the Wii controls on this game that was originally for Gamecube. I enjoyed it, though sometimes the backtracking got kind of tiring.


* Ace Attorney Investigations – I was glad to see Edgeworth get more attention, and I liked the new things introduced, but I thought the game dragged out too much.

* Ghost Trick – a different take on the puzzle games where you trigger a series of events to reach a goal. I thought it was fun, even if it wasn’t too challenging.

* Hotel Dusk – a mystery-type visual novel. Each character had his/her own story, which drew me in. I was addicted and finished in a few days.

* Kirby Mass Attack – more cuteness! I approve of 10 little Kirbys running around.

* Okamiden – Sequel to a game I love, Okami. The new one doesn’t totally live up to the first game, but it wasn’t bad and was very cute.


* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – I guess I can never get enough of this game. A nice rework of a great game.

Pilot Wings – Our first 3DS game. I eventually got bored of playing the trials.

Xbox 360

Assassin’s Creed 2 – I wasn’t sure if I’d like this game since the first AC kind of bored me, but AC2 is a big improvement. I think running around on building tops is really fun, and I like the story.

* Bayonetta – I loved how over the top this game was. The story wasn’t good, but I really liked Bayonetta and how the combat worked.

* Limbo – is a puzzle platformer worth downloading. I thought it was beautiful and dark.

Shank – A decent download. It’s a side scroller with a ton of killing with different weapons.

* Scott Pilgrim vs The World – a beat ’em up, somewhat based on the comic version. It was fun but didn’t last very long.

Tales of Vesperia – We barely played this, but the dialogue was so awful and cringe-worthy, it was hard for me to care about this game.


* God of War – Hack and slash greatness. The remastered version of this game looks pretty good.

God of War 2 – Felt very much like the first game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just a continuation of more hack and slash goodness.

* Heavy Rain – is like an interactive movie about 4 characters trying to find a killer, and it really pulled me in. I was addicted to finding out who the origami killer was.

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