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Radiant Historia Hurts My Head

May 18th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS

Radiant Historia hurts my head with all its time-travelling and alternate universe. It’s like — wait, if I teach Raynie that skill in Alternate History, then how can she know it in Standard History?! Or how can their equipments be in both universes? Wait, wait, ARGHHH!

Yeah, I decided it’s better to not think of such things and to just play the game, which, by the way, is very addicting. It’s such a deep RPG with great characters and story. I just wished I had played this sooner, back when I had first bought it!

Anybody else at NokoNoko played it?

2 Responses to “Radiant Historia Hurts My Head”

  • zohar says:

    I also got it when it first came out, but just never got around to it.. it’s gotten great reviews so I should T_T

    After playing FFXIII-2, I’m sure any time travel game would make more sense.

  • robbie says:

    I have played and finished the game. The only thing left to do is farm studs and get other endings.

    This game exercises on some of the nuances of time travel and branching timeline better than many other games. I didn’t think it was that bad at all, though I occasionally lost track of which events took place during which timeline. Thank goodness for the descriptions.