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Number 2

August 15th, 2012 by Cat

Categories: PC, PS3

Orcs Must Die! 2
I don’t usually play tower defense style games, so I didn’t get the first one and can’t make comparisons between them. The co-op in 2 though? Super fun.

There’s 2 characters to chose from now: the hero and villian in 1 (which I don’t think have names…). Yeah, they’re working together now.

The guy starts with tar and arrow traps. The girl starts with acid and ice traps. The traps they can get afterward are the same though. The key to scoring high is getting combos, meaning having enemies die from multiple effects.

We’ve been doing pretty well on this “scoring high” thing. We’re ranking in the top 50 (out of thousands) on most maps, sometimes in the top 10, like…

Yep, that’s right. NUMBER ONE XD

We’re just playing the normal difficulty, which I think is too easy with 2 people who know what they’re doing. Sometimes it takes us a try or two to figure out the map, but after we have a good set-up, nothing gets through. Half of the time, we score 5/5 skulls on our first try. Haven’t tried a harder difficulty yet, so I’m not sure how that is.

The maps don’t really differ in single player, so it’s actually a challenge there, especially if waves of enemies are appearing in 3 different spots at the same time. Fun stuff though! I recommend it if you have someone to play with.

God of War 2
Is a mean, mean game. I don’t remember GoW1 being this hard. I mean… here’s 2 situations I was in recently.

Fight starts out with 2 cerberus that spit out cerberus babies. If you focus on the babies, the grown ones just spit out more. If you ignore the babies, they eventually turn into full grown cerberus that also spit out more babies.

Or a platform that you have to lower, while a ceiling of spikes fall on you. However, as you’re lowering it, you’re being attacked by skeletons. Take too long on the skeletons, and the ceiling crushes you. Ignore the skeletons, and they’ll interrupt you as you lower the platform.

So many situations where the game is like… how many things can we put against you to screw you over? It usually takes me a few tries to figure out how to kill everything quickly (often by spamming magic or rage).

Anyway, these are what I’ve been playing lately. I think next up might be finishing Skyward Sword, which… I’m surprisingly not that excited to play anymore.

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