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Whatever you do… don’t starve

January 12th, 2013 by Cat

Categories: PC

I’ve recently been playing a new game that’s in beta right now, called Don’t Starve. It’s made by the same people who did Shank and Mark of the Ninja.

It actually reminds me of Minecraft in the way you play it. You start with nothing, collect things around you, and build things that help in your survival. The point is to survive as many days as you can.


Though the game is called Don’t Starve, and you have a hunger meter… I’ve actually never died from starvation. Instead, I end up doing stupid stuff like accidentally pissing off beefalos, or being hunted down by wolves, or picking a fight with a spider nest.

Getting attacked

To build newer and better things, you have to build a science machine and feed it things to increase your research points for learning. I was addicted at first because there were a bunch of things I wanted to learn and a lot of places I wanted to explore.


I originally thought my map was small because I was completely surrounded by water, but then I found a land bridge that went over to another island… and that had bridges to others, etc. I even found this uh… fat pig king.

Pig king

Unfortunately, the frustrating part is when you die. Unlike Minecraft, things you’ve built don’t stick around, only your research points do.¬†While that’s nice that I don’t have to redo the research part… it’s annoying that I have to redo everything else. I mean, I always spend the first few days just gathering stuff before I can really do much, so this gets repetitive.

After dying a few times, I’ve at least researched a good amount of things, explored a few islands, and know what to build first and to take it easy until I have enough materials to build a Meat Effigy that will revive me.


Anyway, I’m liking it so far, so if you want to demo it, it’s actually a Chrome app. If you want to buy it on Steam, the price of one gets you 2 copies while it’s in beta!

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