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New toy: Wii U

February 3rd, 2013 by Cat

Categories: Wii U

Well, we caved and bought a Wii U Deluxe. I was originally waiting on better games to come out first, but then I changed my mind.

The first thing I should point out is that the Wii U is actually a console, not some sort of handheld thing. Many seem to think that the gamepad with the screen on it is the Wii U. Well, that thing is really just one of its controllers and doesn’t work unless the Wii U is on and nearby. The rest of its controllers are Wiimotes, the same ones you use on the Wii.

Wii U

About the Wii U itself:

  • I guess Nintendo assumes that if you buy a Wii U, you have a Wii already? It doesn’t come with any Wiimotes or nunchucks. (Good thing we already had like… 8 sets of them…)
  • This thing is slow. I am amazed at the delay just to return to the Wii U menu, or enter a settings menu, or start up a game.
  • While it can play Wii games, it forces you into the Wii menu. This means it pretty much shuts down and comes back up as a Wii. The gamepad can’t even be activated in this mode.
  • Updates, updates, updates. If you get it, I recommend starting it up immediately and just letting it download all of its updates while the gamepad charges. It’s updated with every game or app we’ve started up too.
  • I do like the gamepad a lot though. I think it has a lot of interesting potential, and I like that I can start up the Wii U and mess with things on the gamepad without turning on the TV.

We started off with 2 games. First, is Nintendo Land:

  • When I demoed it at Wii U Experience, I said it wasn’t very exciting and reminded me of Wii Play. Well, I take that back. It’s surprisingly fun, and we especially enjoy the co-op games.
  • There are co-op games, versus games, and even single player games. We haven’t tried them all yet though. (There’s 12 games.)
  • It makes good use of the gamepad. I like how it gives the gamepad a separate tutorial while Wiimote users see a different tutorial on the TV.
  • Overall: this is better than I expected.

We also got New Super Mario Bros. U:

  • Not much different from the Wii one really. The annoyances are still there like the slight pause when someone gets hit or just getting in each other’s way all the time.
  • We’ve been playing it such that my husband uses the Wiimote, and I’m on the gamepad. That way we don’t get in each other’s way.
  • The gamepad user helps the other players by hitting enemies or adding blocks they can step on. There’s also hidden items that only the gamepad sees.
  • Overall: fun with the wiimote + gamepad combo. Still annoying with more players.

Oh, and I set up my account to post stuff on Miiverse. I really just use it to post random doodles.

Tali sketch

You can friend me if you want. Look for the alias I always use (twitter, deviantart, etc).

I’ve heard that they’re working on the performance issue, which I hope is fixed soon. The menus get annoying to use because of how long it takes. I am excited about games that will come out later though, like the Yoshi’s Story sequel, Bayonetta 2, the Wind Waker remake, and the new Zelda game. I wish they were out already!

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