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My List of Fails

January 27th, 2011 by Chris

Categories: DS, PC, PS2, PS3, Wii

Well everyone has that List of Fail (Good games we buy but never get around to playing).
Here’s my list of fail:

DS: Dragon Quest IV– It’s kind of a sad story with Dragon Quest IV. I heard so much positive things about this game from all my friends. I even went to the launch event and got an autographed copy of the game from the series creator- Mr. Yuji Horii, but I never even got around to playing the game for more than 2 hours and the next DQ game is on its way.

Nintendo Wii
: I still haven’t even beaten Donkey Kong Country Returns or Super Mario Galaxy 2. I’m pretty sure I’m near the very end of DKC, and I’ve enjoyed ever minute of it-co-op and single player. For some reason I just can’t find the time to sit down and turn on my Wii and just finish this classic retro master piece. I blame my OCD in trying to 100% ever level in the game before I advance. This usually forces me to replay the same level for minutes until I find all the collectibles. I’m not sure why I never finished Galaxy 2. I just left Mario at World 6; poor Princess Peach…

Sony PS3: Yes, I picked up a PS3 over the winter break. I’ve mainly been playing GT5 on it. Though I think I’m about done with the game. I did as much as I feel like doing in A-Spec and Special Events. I purchased all the cars I wanted and fully tuned them. Most important, I got to do a comparison of my IRL toy to the virtual version in GT5. Physics needs a little work, sound of the engine is off, but it feels like the virtual version handles like the real world counterpart and for the most part, the details of the car are spot on accurate (probably due to the fact that it is a premium car).
I’ve still have to do a lot of catching up on the Sony titles like Uncharted 1 + 2, LittleBigPlanet1 +2, Infamous, which are all just sitting there waiting to be played.

PC: None steam games, I never finished the single player in StarCraft2. I’ve made it to Char but never stopped playing Multiplayer to finish the single player.
I’m still not all caught up from all the games I bought from the Winter Steam Sale. I got Half-Life 1 (I’ve own the Orange for a few years now, played HL2 and Ep1+2 countless times, but I never played HL1). I have the game all DL’d to my laptop so I can play it where ever I carry my laptop but I just can never find the time to play it even though I know its a must for all PC gamers.
In addition, I’ve picked up Amnesia: The Dark Descent which according to all my friends is a very scary game. I was going to play Resident Evil 5 over winter break with my buddy, but they decided that they didn’t want to finish RE5 so I never got around to completing the game. I’ve finally have all the Borderlands DLCs and nice new level cap and more rare loot to hunt thanks to the DLCs being on sale. In addition, I have Monday Night Combat to play with friends since it was finally released, though I did play a good amount of that game when it was still in Beta. MNC’s Blitz mode is tons of fun with 3 other friends.

Finally, on top of all of that, I still have around 10 custom L4D2 maps I still need to run through.
The reason I have so many backlogged PC games…TeamFortress2. Valve keeps updating the game and I keep going back to it each major update and play that game more than all the games on my list of PC fails combine. >_< And I don't even care for the new items in TF2 or the hats valve keeps adding =(


Here we go…

May 25th, 2010 by Chris

Categories: Merchandise, Wii

Well, I am a born again Nintendo Fan. There is finally a reason to turn on my Wii after having it sit there since Monster Hunter Tri. I picked up my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and have been enjoying it very much. Really, there is nothing much to say about the game. The controls are spot on perfect from Super Mario Galaxy 1. Yoshi who is in the game controls flawlessly. The graphics are pretty and the music is superb. The level design is exceptionally innovative. My only minor complaint with the game is the camera, though it is still very good camera system. Bottom line buy this game!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, I was at the Nintendo World Store NYC Club Nintendo VIP event and was back there for the launch party. I got to shake hands with one of the greatest video game voice actors ever–Mr. Charles Martinet. He signed my Super Mario Galaxy game art, instruction booklet and game disc.


Hunting Season Is Open!

April 17th, 2010 by Chris

Categories: Merchandise, Wii

So there was a Monster Hunter Tri Launch Event hosted by Capcom at Nintendo World Store NYC today and I decided to attend the event. I got to play the game early at the store as well as pick up the game before the US street release date of 4/20/2010.
Best part of the event was that both the producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka were there at the event. They were both exceptional people. I was the first person in line to meet and greet them as well as get my game signed by them and the last person in line to get a second game signed by them. They signed the game box art slip, instruction manual, and game disc as well as a promotional poster. In addition, they were very nice and took a picture with me.

As for the game, it is a solid Wii title. A fairly deep co-op WiFi supported Wii hack and slash RPG style game. The game controls extremely well with the classic controller pro. My only minor grips with the combat system is the long lag your character has when healing themselves. However, the game is pretty lengthy and enjoyable both solo and with friends. The graphics are just jaw dropping beautiful.
I still have to spend more time with game to fully get a feel for this exceptional Wii title, but so far, I have enjoyed what I have played.

Huge thanks to the great folks at Capcom for hosting the event and to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka for signing everything and drawing me a personal artwork on my Wii game box.

and my swag of signed stuff

More Pics Here
and Here

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Happy Holidays & Mascot Found

December 21st, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Merchandise, Miscellaneous

First, thing first. Happy Holiday fellow NokoNoko bloggers.
My family decided again to put up a X-Mas tree. The main reason for us having a tree this year was because we were disappointed with the lack of gamer X-Mas themed trees, so we had to do the gaming community justice. So a pic of the Nintendo Theme X-Mas Tree filled with all sorts of official licensed Nintendo character key chains.

Nintendo Themed X-Mas Tree 09 #1

The second part of the post has to do with the mascot of this blog NokoNoko.
While shopping for some X-Mas gifts, I found the bane of my existence in Mario Kart Wii and had to get it for myself. I did find something else…a NokoNoko plush which actually looks decent. So I decided to pick it up for you Cat. Now you got the blog’s mascot in plush form.

Mario Kart Wii Spiny Blue Shell Plush
NokoNoko plush

Happy Holidays All. See you all next year.


2 New Games for me

December 3rd, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Wii


Well I finally got some time to play some Wii games over my Thanksgiving Break.
Fist Up New Super Mario Bros. Wii. What a fantastic 2D Super Mario game it is. It has exceptional level design with numerous secret exits and old school run and jump controls. It’s such a shame that gamers had to wait so long for a true 2D Super Mario game.
What I loved:
– True old school Mario platforming
– Pretty challenging if you are trying to collect all the Gold Star Coins
– Wrap pipes for speed runners, (its possible to skip from world 1 to world 5 and then from world 5 to world 8). *suggested only after you 100% complete the game.
– The helicopter suit and Penguin suit are a great addition
– Multiplayer/ Co-op requires actual teamwork
– Yoshi made it into the game
What I hated:
– Well, once you beat it 100%, you’re sad that it’s over
– Besides Co-op gameplay the multiplayer modes are weak and shallow
– Penguin suit not offered as much, tiny blue mushroom is extremely rare to find on the levels, both are not really used at all in 95% of the levels.
– There really is nothing new or really innovating to the series besides Co-op play

Overall, the game is still a must own for all Wii gamers

Next, Resident Evil: Dark Side Chronicles. A fantastic and very fun light gun game for the Wii.
What I loved:
– A return trip to Raccoon City as Claire and Leon
– Better visuals that the previous RE Light gun game for the Wii
– Deeper development of the RE storyline
– Scary ‘jump out of your seat’ moments
What I hated:
– The game is told through Leon’s perspective. Some of the events are slightly different than the way they occurred if you played RE2 or RE:CV.
– The weapons selection seems weaker than the selection found in RE: Umbrella Chronicles.
– RE: Umbrella Chronicles had more unlockable missions and more selection of characters

Overall, I’m pleased with this RE addition to the Wii. Recommended for the Wii owners who love blasting virtual zombies.