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For the Layton Fans

October 19th, 2009 by Chris

Categories: DS, Merchandise

Official Japanese imported Professor Layton Plushies are up for pre-order, and should arrive sometime in December. They come in different sizes as well. I’m sure this would catch your attention Cat =)

here’s a link to a trust worthy place to get them from (They are one of my favorite import sites; order with them numerous times).


3 Games 3 Sets of Opinions

October 13th, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Wii

So, there was this deal at ToysRus, where you buy two games and get a third game free. It was such a good offer I just could not pass it up. I went down to my local TRU and picked up 3 fantastic Wii games- Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Dead Space Extraction, and Wii Sports Resort

First up
Muramasa: The Demon Blade

– Love the art style in the game; it’s very beautiful and runs smooth
– On hard settings, it can be considered one of those games for the hardcore Wii audience
– Classic hack and slash side scrolling game play
– The developers left in all the original Japanese voice actors, and only has English subtitles, non to that lame English voice actor westernization

– game does feel very linear in the terms of a classic side scroller. You can back track though there really is no real exploration
– you can not go from one screen to the next without clearing the room of all the enemies

Next:Dead Space Extraction

– Again, another Beautiful Wii title in the dark and atmospheric graphical presentation
– Rail gun game that requires the shooter be accurate with their shots (each enemy has certain parts of their bodies which you must shoot to bring them down quicker)
– Very nice story which is told to you via in game dialog which provides more depth to this game than other traditional rail shooters
– Good use of the Wii remote such as twisting the Wii remote sideways to use alternative fire, using the Wii remote for some puzzles, and using the motion on the nunchuk for melee

– Some might find the pace of Dead Space slow in terms of action since the focus is more on the story of the characters and might avoid picking up a good game for the Wii
– Using your glow stick to light up dark areas requires you to shake the Wii remote and you will be doing a lot of shaking
– Being a rail shooter you loose some of those scary moments that original Dead Space provides; those scary jump out of your seat moments just does not translate well onto a rail shooter
– Game is very short, but does offer difficulty levels and collectibles

Finally Wii Sport Resort

– Sword fighting and Archery; best uses of the Wii motion plus
– Sword fighting is simply a blast to play alone or with a friend
– Archery is more for the slow pace gamer, but is very rewarding to play
– Bowling was moved over from the previous Wii Sport title and it’s enjoyable if you like bowling

– Everything else in the game. The other sports really don’t demonstrate the true potentials of the Wii motion plus
– Some call it a game; I still call it a tech demo


Choose Your Words

September 14th, 2009 by Chris

Categories: DS, Merchandise

Scribblenauts is probably the most creative game I’ve played this year. You have to use words to guide Maxwell through levels of puzzles. I believed that it was advertised that there would be over 200 levels. I just started the game have to say that even though the words are limited to non licensed proper nouns, there is just so many possibilities for solutions. It was a very enjoyable trial and error of  some interesting combination of word choices that I used for some puzzles. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t work but you got a good laugh out of it. Hands down  its one very fun game. My one major gripe about the game is horrible controls. Movement is very sluggish and unresponsive at times causing some frustration.


Yes, I went to the Nintendo World Store Launch Event to get the game a few days before everyone else. I got there late so I did not get a Red Rooster Hat. But I was one of the last ones to get a chance to meet the three designers of the game. I had them sign my game card, instruction booklet, DS gamebox sleeve and the free promotional poster they were handing out. And since I was one of the last people and there wasn’t really a line, I got the Artist ED. Yan to draw me a cool Dinosaur art on my poster :). Plus, I got some free swag for the game- flipbook, pencil, Yo-yo, and a pin. But meeting the developers was a blast, and props to all three of them for not listening to the NWS staff and signing every last thing for a fan. These guys are truly awesome.

and of course people want to see pics so here you go pics of everything that was signed and my swag collection for that day—Yep I broke the sign only ONE item rule.



A Wii Remote Charge Station with Style

May 23rd, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Merchandise, Wii


Well, if I’m going to get and use a charge station get one that is just over the top crazy.

It come with two rechargeable batteries and new rubber grip battery covers for the Wii Remote. Whats nice about these rubber grips is that they don’t stick out and allows the Wii remote to placed in a light gun accessory like the Perfect Shot or Wii Zapper. Charging the remotes on the station is crazy. The Rabbid’s eyes light up Red when charging and blue when finished. Though, there are some issues with the charge station. The Wii Remotes are just leaning there upright. There is nothing to hold them in place firmly. A small price for an over the top crazy charge station…


Little Mac’s Comeback

May 13th, 2009 by Chris

Categories: Wii

After so many lackluster commercials, finally Nintendo has released a fantastic ad for the upcoming Wii-Remake of the classic NES Punchout

Little Mac Punch-Out Wii Ad and Doc Louis Punch-Out Wii Ad

I loved how they got actors that look like Little Mac and Doc Louis and gave them both cheesy lines. I just wished that Nintendo would make more great commercials like this one and do more to support their own games aimed at hardcore gamers.

Punch-Out is a must buy for me. I didn’t really like the whole Wii Sport Boxing Motion set-up, but when I read that you can use a traditional classic control set-up I was instantly sold!

Hopefully this Wii game would finally appeal to the hardcore Wii gamers.

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