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Con Reports and Stuff

September 13th, 2009 by Eva

Categories: DS, Merchandise, Miscellaneous

Well, after the obligatory local anime conventions, and then the San Diego Comic-Con in July, con season has unofficially come to a bittersweet end for Z. and I with the attendance of PAX 10 last weekend. And while we’ll miss the epic Hall H lines, snapping “Oh my god, no, no more!” at beautiful booth babes attempting to dupe us into taking home more free crap, staring at the guy sitting in front of us at panels that’s completely covered in cat hair, and the super sexy, intimate brushes with swine flu, we’re happy to be finally at home in our TMNT tighty whities, coddling our fallible memories and all the cool shit we picked up along the way. But mostly all the stuff we got ’cause good memories just don’t keep your noggin bright and toasty in the dark bowels of winter or aid you in SFIV.

We did pick up a few Nintendo related things — mostly these Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story beanies after demoing it at PAX.

Mario RPG 3 Beanies

They were kept in a cage, watched over by a Nintendo staffer who checked if you actually finished the demo or not before asking you which color beanie you wanted. There were only two Mario RPG 3 stations, and the line for this was… not fun. And despite the deeply challenging, obvious trials and tribulations we went through to obtain these, we still don’t know if we actually liked the game or not. I guess we still have two more days to think about it, though. (Game ships this Monday, September 14th.)

Speaking of Trials and Tribulations, I picked up this Phoenix Wright bookmark set as well as a stylus that used to be a pre-order bonus for Justice For All from the Capcom booth at PAX.

Pheonix Wright Stuff

Reading has never been more fun! And SHINY. Also, I liked these a lot more than the swag demoing Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations at Comic-con got ya.

Last and least, Z. picked up this Comic-con exclusive Metal Sonic — but not really exclusive since it’s now available on the site (WTF, Toys ‘R’ Us jerks) so I won’t bore you with any more photos.

We also tried playing Scribblenauts at PAX, but we couldn’t even get NEAR the stations. Scribblenauts hits this Tuesday, September 15th, and if the mobs at PAX were any indication, hopefully it’ll be good. I love the concept.

Well, until next summer. We’re gonna go play with our toys now.


On Blogging

August 12th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Random

During this continuous virtual proliferation of self-publishing, as anyone and everyone with a connection are welcomed a claim on the Internet, sifting through all the unfortunate ensuing shit and noise for something decent to read can get tiring. People with thoughts and opinions you may or may not care for. People with a careless grasp on the English language. Their disregard for the craft of words. Sometimes as long as the information is successfully passed along, it’s okay, but most of the time, I wish journalists and casual bloggers alike would take more care with what they say and how they say it — even if it’s just amongst friends.

With all that said, I really enjoy reading Chewing Pixels. Ever since I came across his faithful description of Asobi Seksu’s music, I think I’ve been completely captivated by his writing. If you never heard of CP before, he writes anything from music to life to all the things that drive our culture with a large focus on many aspects of gaming. And though his site may not be as informative as say Kotaku, his entries are insightful and beautifully crafted. Some of my favorites:

Sex and Tetris (WS, I promise)
My Virtual Sins: A Gamer’s Confession
What Will We Find?
Big Cats and Dark Woods
FFVII: Crisis Core – PSP Review
Nintendo: Con Generations?

Though gaming is only a small spoke on my morning star of interests, this is all something to aspire to nonetheless.

Which gaming blogs do you guys follow?

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Cute Sells

August 3rd, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Random, Wii

This Comcast commercial featuring Mario Kart Wii that’s been airing recently is so so cute and not to mention well-made. ♥ Love it. I don’t even care what it’s really for.


Title Dump

July 28th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: DS, Wii

Boo, I just defunctified the PixelJunk Eden demo. So sad. Along with marathoning Heroes and “Omfg, just ONE more” gashapon diving, it seems self-control is at an all time low this week. At least on the Nintendo side of things, I’m pretty delightfully occupied.

Densetsu no Stafy Taiketsu! Dire Kaizokudan (Legendary Stafy Confrontation! Dire Pirate Squad), the fifth installment of the Legend of Stafy series was released July 10th. My only qualms with the game is that the series is Japan only; Like wandering into a sauna full of naked swedes, though there’s plenty to see, I have no idea what the hell anyone is talking about. Oh, and that it’s co-op instead of being able to switch between Stafy and his just-as-cute sister, Stapy, like in DnS4. Though I miss her wall jumps, god, I love that little starfish prince so much it makes my heart sing.

I bought No More Heroes last weekend — my very first Wii purchase evers! Monumental I’m sure. Anyway, all I have to say about it is: An exuberant amount of blood? Fabulous. Katana-happy, kitty lovin’, Lucha Libre obsessed otaku? Awesome. Hot girls with Ukrainian accents? Thank you. But mowing lawns via Wiimote? Road bump. If I kinda don’t even wanna make the effort of switching game discs to play, in-game chores are just more of a reason not to. I had high hopes for a quirky violent, cursing Wii game, but I think I’ll reserve my blood lusting, potty mouth for the PC and other consoles from now on — Well, until Oneechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayer arrives next year ’cause that’s a whole other story. Ye-haw. :3

In between, I’m still attempting to perfect my Meteos skills. Still need to finish Apollo Justice (God, call Phoenix “daddy” one more time!) and Harvey Birdman. And as soon as I unlock that last balance game, I think I’m done with the Wii Fit. Apologies, belly.


Unfit & Unsteady

July 7th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Wii

Z finally lucked out and found a Wii Fit in store Saturday, though I’m pretty certain that I’ve been the one hogging it all weekend.

Poor Wii Fit. I’m sure as soon as we’re finished thumping upon and walking all over its well-intentioned, candescent aspirations for a thinner, more toned, more salubrious world, it’ll be negated to the hopeless oblivion of forgotten home projects and long lost cat toys beneath the coffee table. I have to admit, though, that all the yoga poses and balance games are very cute at the moment, but I can see myself getting real bored of them in a month or so. Hopefully there’ll be some enterprising games out later that takes advantage of this peripheral — well, at least to hold my ever-declining interest again temporarily, and uh, that’s not We Ski, heh.

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