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A Rose By Any Other Name

June 30th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: DS

Dude, I finally got a pink DS. Oh yeah.

After two years of gazing longingly at Coral Pink through various store glass since it’s splendid release like some stalker or creepy equivalent, Mr. Zohar finally put me outta my miserable misery and delivered the recently released Metallic Rose NDS to my gangly arms yesterday. Polar White served me bravely, but I’m completely and utterly enthralled. I could worship him, but he now games FF Tactics A2 in peace without the periodic ambushes and naked vies for love and attention which is just as good, I think. :3

On a semi-more informative note, the metallic case is slightly smaller and slimmer than the enamel ones. I did not know that. Plus one! Yippee.



May 30th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Random

What did Zelda suggest to Link when he couldn’t open a locked door?

– “Triforce”

… Okay. Sorry.
Holy mcnuggets, I need sleeps.


Late to the Brawl

May 15th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Wii

I’ve only recently started playing, but at the vaguest mention of Smash, I’m already always overcome by a sort of choleric bitterness I can hardly contain. Personally, I blame my roommate.

1 He’s down to his last stock life.
2 He decides abruptly to up his game.
3 He then unceremoniously kicks my ass (usually via an infuriating down-smash, sending me sailing straight down into the off-stage world of absolute no recovery).
4 This cycle continues without fail for the next five to ten rounds (with a few rare wins for Team Me every other full moon).
5 I then, in a childish fit, throw down my controller and resort to animalistic punching, biting, and remorseless cursing for the next twenty to thirty minutes.
6 Eventually anger turns into tiredness which turns into utter depression.
7 He buys me a burger to cheer me up.

If my Brawl-noobness continues in this fashion, I’m gonna be one sad fat girl. And if I don’t have my looks and I suck at video games, what else do I have left? “Personality”?

On a better note, Mario Kart Wii is pretty cute. The joyous laughter of Baby Peach makes my heart sing, Rosalina’s voice is like doin it with a well-mannered, unearthly entity, and the sight of the plump Luma still makes me squeal in delight, but Peach is still my girl and handles just like I remember from the N64 days.

But, ending on a low note today for good bipolaric measure: No Dr. Mario for WiiWare on Monday. Japan only (for now). Big 🙁 Bye.


Control Freak

April 25th, 2008 by Eva

Categories: Random

Many gamers before me have sought a solution but all have failed. Maybe this is just another mystery of life.

As I stare at the coffee table, I finally grasp the rationale that incites the sporadic spawning of godhideous multi-platform controller racks/stands/organizers/cubbies. For eleven consecutive days, I’ve arranged and rearranged this coffee table and television stand to no avail. The tangle of wires and other messes seem to fester and propagate as we sleep. No twist-tie or galore of wirelessness offers any relief.

Okay, I admit I’m a bit of a neat freak, but for reals, whyyy are there so many different Wii controllers?! Along with a mess of GH guitars, IIDX KOCs, PS2, I’m eying three this instant. And, not to mention, the spools of DVD, PSP TV adapter, and the usual component cables, with the arrival of a PS3 and Rockband in the near future, I foresee many, many more periodic outbursts of unadulterated OCD.


Zoo Keeping

April 1st, 2008 by Eva

Categories: DS

Needing something utterly mindless to occupy myself with lately, I’ve delved into Zoo Keeper again — my very first NDS title. Man, I played the shit outta the little bugger back then. At least I totally got my money’s worth out of those overpriced screen protectors, heh. Should never skimp out on protection, right.

Anyway, during my customary 4AM meanderings, I noticed a fourth difficulty level convivially entitled, “Super Hard”, squatting harmlessly in options. “What’s this, what’s this?” I perked up. At first, I thought my sight was probably hindered by my usual galore of rampant idiocy, and that the level had always been there, but apparently it’s an unlockable:

To unlock, score in each game mode:
Zoo keeper: 1200000+ points
Tokoton 100: 1800000+ points
Quest mode: 10000+ points
Time attack: 600000+ points

Cool beans.

Not that Zoo Keeper really needed another ‘difficulty’ level — a one-eyed, thumbless chihuahua could probably rock the game, but I thought it was kinda cute that such a doofy little game had a few secrets up its skirt. And like any other decent source of entertainment, it’s always nice to discover something new the second go through. Well, or the kajillionth, in my case.

I do wish there was a greyscale mode like the temporary determent block in multiplayer, though. I had hoped that would be available in the new level, but alas, no dice. Oh well. There’ll always be a orthogonal place in my heart for those adorable squared zoo captives destined to mildly amuse ungrateful, virtual school children the world round until kingdom come. At least they’ll fit perfectly in a pine box. :3

If you wanna try it out or if you’re bored out of your brains at work, there’s a flash version available at Kiteretsu. Or, just revisit Popcap’s Bejeweled, though it’s nowhere as cute, heh.

Also if anyone cares, there’s a Revolution bonus that’ll earn you 1500000 extra points. Just connect three special blocks, and the screen will bleed congratulatory glitter and Ra, Ra, Ra, showing the word, “REVOLUTION”, fit for any five-year-old, Lisa Frank aficionado. I’ve only hit it three times since learning its existence, but I personally enjoyed the sparkling quite a bit. :] TTFN.