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Gaming Year in Review: 2012

December 31st, 2012 by Cat

Categories: DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360

With one day left in 2012, I figured this would be a good time to do my usual review of games I played this year 🙂 Let’s start with the favorites!

Favorite single player: Mass Effect 3
I am a huge fan of the Mass Effect series, and though I agree that the endings left me feeling empty and disappointed, the journey up to it was emotional and satisfying. I also liked that the game play required more movement than just taking cover in one place.

Favorite multiplayer: Mass Effect 3
Yes, ME3 wins both for me. I was skeptical about the multiplayer, but it is good fun, especially after they added better kits (like the N7 series). I’m normally not that into shooters, but adding in powers and skills definitely makes this more interesting for me.

Favorite indie: Orcs Must Die! 2
Though I haven’t played the first one (yet), I had a lot of fun doing the co-op in the sequel. It’s a different take on the tower defense games since you control a character that runs around setting traps and can also shoot the enemies yourself.

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Gaming Winter Break

December 6th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS, PS3, PSP

My classes are finished for the semester (more or less)! I am free from school until about mid-January, so I aim to utilise my game systems the next few weeks! I am so deprived.

I actually started my gaming spree a week and a half ago by re-playing Time Hollow because I had this urge to re-play it. My attempt to play Rhapsody has failed. I just found myself not wanting to continue with the game. Blergh. Now to figure out what to do with this game since I no longer want it.

My next game to try is Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. I admit, I am playing this for the bishounens (and for the historical storyline, haha!), so I hope this game is more my taste than Rhapsody was!

And afterwards, I should really play on my PS3 . . . I only use that as a Blu-ray player, so I really need to be using it more as a game system!


Rhapsody: An Overly Cutesy Musical Adventure

August 17th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS, PS

I’m on my break from online school, so I’ve decided to do some serious gaming for the next two weeks. I started my gaming spree by re-playing Gyakuten Kenji aka Ace Attorney Investigations because I had this sudden urge be united with Miles Edgeworth. After beating that (and giving my glare of doom at the BIG BIG BAD), I quelled the urge to re-play the other games with Phoenix and Apollo, so I decided to play something on my humongous backlog.

I started playing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, a “musical” turn-based RPG, and so far it’s way too cute, easy, and just . . . TOO CUTE. I have never played its original PlayStation 1 version, so I cannot compare, but it’s . . . interesting. The game has a very simple plot where the girl has to go rescue a prince, the love of her life, and has a simple but incredibly fast battle system (which is a blessing since the encounter rate are pretty high). As for the characters, I am not enjoying the two main ones: Cornet and Kururu; in fact, I find the side characters to be more amusing. However, there are far too many girls for my taste.

This is supposed to be a short game (can be beaten in about ten hours), and I think I will speed through it and just beat it without completing everything. I have other games I’d like to play. We’ll see if I can stomach the cutesy-ness to reach the end . . .


Radiant Historia Hurts My Head

May 18th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS

Radiant Historia hurts my head with all its time-travelling and alternate universe. It’s like — wait, if I teach Raynie that skill in Alternate History, then how can she know it in Standard History?! Or how can their equipments be in both universes? Wait, wait, ARGHHH!

Yeah, I decided it’s better to not think of such things and to just play the game, which, by the way, is very addicting. It’s such a deep RPG with great characters and story. I just wished I had played this sooner, back when I had first bought it!

Anybody else at NokoNoko played it?


Don Paolo Cracks Me Up

May 7th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS

I am in between semesters with my online graduate classes, so I decided to finally finish up Professor Layton and the Unwound Future where I’d only played up to the very beginning, before the demonstration of the time machine.

I am about 3/4th way through, and I realised something I knew since the first Layton game: Don Paolo is the most amusing villain/antagonist ever. I normally am not fond of many villain-type characters, but Don Paolo has managed to amuse me greatly in all three games. In particular, his hairstyle backstory had me rolling.

Oh, Don Paolo, thanks for the laugh.

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