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When Wii controls take it too far

October 10th, 2008 by Cat

Categories: Gamecube, PC, Wii

My boyfriend and I are always looking for good co-op games that we can play together, and the Marvel action RPGs from Activision have been great for that. We played both X-men Legends on Gamecube, loved them, and have recently decided to play Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Ultimate Alliance has been released on every recent console as well as a few older ones. With so many choices out there, we knew we had to do one thing: NOT get the Wii version.

While all of the other games have your normal button mashing controls, the Wii version turned them into motion controls. It’s a common complaint that it can be hard to be accurate with the moves. Not to mention, these games do not just have a few enemies here and there. There are a lot of them. I can imagine that constantly moving the Wii-mote to attack would get tiring really quickly.

I do think the Wii motion controls are great for some games, but they are just plain overkill for others. To avoid possible frustration with the motion controls, we got the PC version and are playing with USB controllers.

My quick thoughts of Ultimate Alliance compared to X-men Legends are: more characters, less stat customization but more slots to equip powers, more balanced game overall, using powers in early levels is easier than before, sharing money/items is harder.

Our current team consists of: Human Torch, Wolverine, Captain America, and Iron Man. But, this might change as we unlock more characters!

Overall, I like.


Smash Bro = survivor skills?

September 1st, 2008 by Cat

Categories: Gamecube, Random

“Hey, the world’s best Smash Bros. Melee player is on Survivor.”
“What? You mean Ken?”
“Wait… really?”

What do you know; here he is: Ken: Survivor profile


Good games for next to nothing?

April 3rd, 2008 by Chris

Categories: Gamecube

Recently, I found a used copy of Metroid Prime (GCN) for only $5.00 (USD).
Normally, being the cheap ass gamer that I am, I would be delighted to find such a rare gem like Metroid Prime for only $5.
However, this got me thinking, are classics being slowly written off.  I understand that the Gamecube wasn’t as successful as the Wii, SNES, or NES, but the system did have its rare gems.
Classic Nintendo franchise like Metroid, Zelda, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and F-Zero saw exceptional evolutions with the purple cube. It’s very disappointing when such a wonderful game like Metroid Prime could be get go for so little. Maybe, ten years later, the same copy of Metroid Prime would valued more like most classic SNES games. Till then, I’ll just keep being on the look out for cult classics that could be bought for cheap. 🙂
Note: I consider this buy an exceptional buy since this version of Metroid Prime happens to be the orginal first release of the game (Version 0.00 USA/JPN).
Version 0.00 USA/JPN or version 0.01 USA is the preferred version for any speed run in Metroid Prime. Now, I have two version 0.00 USA/JPN and one version 0.02 USA the re-release known as the player’s choice version.

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