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PAX fun

March 15th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: 3DS, DS, Merchandise, Miscellaneous, PC, Xbox 360

Well, we’re back from Boston! Buckley and I visited Robbie, and we went to PAX East on Friday. The rest of the weekend, we spent mainly eating good foods and gaming XD;; We did indeed finish Scott Pilgrim and started on Tales of Vesperia, which seems to have a lot of (bad) dialog. Perhaps more on that another time because PAX is way more interesting.

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PAX bound

February 27th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: Miscellaneous

In 2 weeks, Buckley and I will be in Boston to visit Robbie, and we’re going to PAX East! We went last year, so this is our 2nd year going. I’m hoping we’ll be able to try out the 3DS there =O

I’m sure we’ll also do a lot of gaming while hanging out together, in which we need some multiplayer game suggestions. We’re already planning on going through Scott Pilgrim, but that won’t last long. We need suggestions for Xbox 360, Wii, or DS (and maybe PC) that can support at least 3 players.

Just to list a few games that we’ve already played: Castle Crashers, Ring of Fates, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2, Borderlands. And… the New Super Mario Bros. is more frustrating than fun, so that’s also out. Ideas?


Art of Video Games

February 16th, 2011 by Robbie

Categories: Miscellaneous

The Smithsonian museum plans on having a video game art exhibition between March 2012 to September 2012.  You can help vote for what they will feature at this link:

When I was going through, I thought it important to make sure I wasn’t just picking my favorite games.  I needed to pick the games I thought best represented the genre, platform, and era.  Or I needed to celebrate the games whose art was of particular note for that time.  An achievement, if you will.

That said, some of the selection the Smithsonian has available to choose from are pretty awful.  Typing of the Dead?  Seriously?  The experience is ruined further by the fact that you can only select one game per genre.  I’d much rather have Kingdom Hearts 2, Okami, and FFX than let a game called Attack of the Mutant Camels get a spot.


And the Grammy goes to…

February 14th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: Miscellaneous, PC

Incase you haven’t heard, Baba Yetu, most known as the theme song to Civilization IV, won a Grammy, making it the first video game song to ever do so.

At first, I thought I was reading it wrong because Civ4 came out in 2005, 6 years ago, and Civ5 came out just last year. But, Baba Yetu is apparently on Christopher Tin’s “Calling All Dawns” album, which is why it was nominated just now.

It is a beautiful song that deserves attention and is definitely worthy of an award. The award just… comes at a weird time when video game fans have known about the song for years. But hey, this may be a small step towards video game music becoming more widely recognized. Congrats to Christopher Tin!


Small Time Killers

February 11th, 2011 by Mars

Categories: Miscellaneous, PC

No, seriously. I have not been able to play my main console games, not even my secondary ones.

I haven’t played Fallout: New Vegas and I love Fallout and its whole universe.

What the hell is going on?

Small Time Killers are going on.

Bloons Tower Defense 4 is a game that is freely available on the PC/Mac, made on Flash is the last one of the series so far.
I’ve a fan since the second one, and I played all the games when they were released. Recently I discovered there was an iPhone/iTouch version of Bloons TD 4, so I bought it (only 3 bucks) and just as I remembered, it’s a BLAST! I have been playing that game so much, I have gold medals on all the levels except for Advanced and Expert, those are so HARD, SO HARD!!! ARGHGGHG….!!!

Anyways, it’s a really good series, if you have the chance check it out, it’s free online, by NinjaKiwi.

Soooo… not only that, I have been trying reeeeeally hard NOT to play Minecraft, but I succumbed to its power two weeks ago. I play on the first free server, it’s not the full game, but I’m considering buying it, I think its a little bit expensive tho ($200+). I made some stuff, I’ll post it here, I’m still learning, so, yeah, whatever.

The background took me a while.

Pacman and Ghosts

Bleep Bloop. Puzzle.

Right you are professor!

Family Music Album Cover

Took me ages to finish this!

So yeah… damn Time Killers. Won’t let me play New Vegas.