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OoT Revisited… again

September 28th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: 3DS, Gamecube, N64

For some reason, I’ve been playing old games lately – Guitar Hero 3, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Ocarina of Time. Though, the version of Ocarina of Time I’ve been playing is the “new” one for 3DS.

I’m currently in the Shadow Temple, overcoming my childhood fear of humping zombies and really grabby hands. (This temple seriously breaches my personal bubble.) So far, the 3DS version is mostly the same as the N64 original. The story, the characters, the world, the dungeons, the items – all the same. There are a few differences in other areas though.

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Holiday gaming

December 25th, 2010 by Cat

Categories: DS, N64, PC, Xbox 360

Merry Christmas! So… who got games as gifts this holiday season? XD I got Ace Attorney Investigations (DS) and Dragon Age: Origins (PC). I can’t wait to play them!

The holidays remind me of Perfect Dark on N64. My brother and I loved playing it when we were younger. Even when we were in college, we’d play it whenever we both were at my parents’ place, such as the holiday break.

I knew about the remake on Xbox Live Arcade, but it wasn’t until my brother came home for the holidays that I decided to get it. Some criticize it for being “outdated”, but it actually makes me really happy that it’s mostly the same but with improved graphics.

I do have a few complaints:

  1. It doesn’t remember which weapons I like in secondary mode. For example, when unarmed, I like to be on “disarm”. I have to set it every time.
  2. The game freezes for a few seconds every time I earn an achievement.
  3. Maybe I did something wrong, but it wouldn’t let me play combat simulator without a Gold account, even though I just wanted to play locally. I had to sign into Buckley’s account for that. (Since Gold doesn’t apply to all accounts on the same console, we just put it on his.)

The controls are of course different since it’s a different controller, but now it’s a closer match to how shooters normally are. You can set it to “Legacy” if you want, which mimics the N64 controls.

So far, we’ve just been doing the challenges. The game was fun back in 2000; it’s still fun now XD

Other than Perfect Dark, I’ve been playing a lot of Donkey Kong Country Returns. Hopefully I’ll finish the game soon. I’m on the last world!