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Rhapsody: An Overly Cutesy Musical Adventure

August 17th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS, PS

I’m on my break from online school, so I’ve decided to do some serious gaming for the next two weeks. I started my gaming spree by re-playing Gyakuten Kenji aka Ace Attorney Investigations because I had this sudden urge be united with Miles Edgeworth. After beating that (and giving my glare of doom at the BIG BIG BAD), I quelled the urge to re-play the other games with Phoenix and Apollo, so I decided to play something on my humongous backlog.

I started playing Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, a “musical” turn-based RPG, and so far it’s way too cute, easy, and just . . . TOO CUTE. I have never played its original PlayStation 1 version, so I cannot compare, but it’s . . . interesting. The game has a very simple plot where the girl has to go rescue a prince, the love of her life, and has a simple but incredibly fast battle system (which is a blessing since the encounter rate are pretty high). As for the characters, I am not enjoying the two main ones: Cornet and Kururu; in fact, I find the side characters to be more amusing. However, there are far too many girls for my taste.

This is supposed to be a short game (can be beaten in about ten hours), and I think I will speed through it and just beat it without completing everything. I have other games I’d like to play. We’ll see if I can stomach the cutesy-ness to reach the end . . .


Hello There, Midgar!

March 6th, 2011 by Tara

Categories: PS, PS3

Way back in the late 1990s or early 2000s, I borrowed my friend’s copy of Final Fantasy VII to see what the hype was about. I popped the game into my system, and I was greeted to a bunch of sprites going on a strange mission. I was bored within the first three minutes of the game. Don’t ask me why — I just was, so I turned it off and never went back to it. Never fear, though! I’ve always had the intention to try again, and I’d even bought the greatest hits version of the game.

Fast forward to 2011. I saw on Amazon that they were selling Final Fantasy Advent Children Complete, the Blu-ray version, for a reasonable price. I bought it and watched it, and that fuelled my interest in the FFVII series again — albeit I’m mostly interested in Reno, the other Turks, and Shinra. Regardless, I’ve decided to get the PSN version of the game — including FFVIII and FFIX — just so I can play it on my PS3.

At the moment, I’m still stuck in Midgar. I was told that the game gets interesting when I leave Midgar, and I hope that’s true! I do like what I’m playing so far, and Barret cracks me up, but something about doing all those bombing mission in Midgar doesn’t excite me!

Now, let’s see how far I play this game before it gets abandoned. I swear, I love the FF series, but I’ve yet to beat any of them! I’ll beat one of them these days.