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Donno vs. Dunno

January 10th, 2013 by Tara

Categories: Miscellaneous, PSP, Vita

In most of December, I’ve been engrossed in Hakuouki for the PSP, a game localised by Aksys.

Right now I am playing Zero Escape for the PS Vita, a game localised by Aksys.

Someone on Aksys’ localisation team is using “donno” for “dunno” — like “I donno” versus “I dunno” — in both games.

. . . It’s a very, VERY minor thing, honestly, but it’s still getting to me since I am used to seeing “dunno” as opposed to “donno”. You’d think after a month, I’d be used to it, but that’s not the case. I still get distracted by the “O” whenever I see “donno”.

On a related issue, Zero Escape is asdfjkl;asdfjkl;!!! I’ll post a more coherent review/reaction when I beat the game!

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Gaming Winter Break

December 6th, 2012 by Tara

Categories: DS, PS3, PSP

My classes are finished for the semester (more or less)! I am free from school until about mid-January, so I aim to utilise my game systems the next few weeks! I am so deprived.

I actually started my gaming spree a week and a half ago by re-playing Time Hollow because I had this urge to re-play it. My attempt to play Rhapsody has failed. I just found myself not wanting to continue with the game. Blergh. Now to figure out what to do with this game since I no longer want it.

My next game to try is Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. I admit, I am playing this for the bishounens (and for the historical storyline, haha!), so I hope this game is more my taste than Rhapsody was!

And afterwards, I should really play on my PS3 . . . I only use that as a Blu-ray player, so I really need to be using it more as a game system!


The kitchen sink

January 28th, 2011 by Cat

Categories: PSP

So… it seems the PSP2 (aka NGP) is pretty much a portable PS3 with touch screens?

That’s pretty ridiculous. I’m not sure what I think about it. I do think it’s really cool that they managed that. I just don’t know if I’d get it. It’s partly because I wonder about the price of the system and games. The other part is that I don’t normally carry a handheld around with me anymore. If given a choice between playing a game on the PSP2 and PS3, I’d probably choose PS3. Portable is nice, but big screen TV… is also quite nice. (I don’t know if games will be coming out for both, but that’s my preference if they do.)

Your thoughts on it?