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P2P (Paint to Play)

March 14th, 2008 by Robbie

Categories: DS, Miscellaneous, SNES, Wii

I heart video game music. If I could marry it, have sex with it, and have little video game music babies, I would. Concert arrangements are often my favorite, because the music has bridged a generational divide. Yet there’s still a soft spot in my heart for the old MIDI sounds. So when Mario Paint Composer comes on scene and fans begin recreating old favorites, I turned all giddy. I ended up listening to a dozen or so of these with this serial-rapist grin on my face.

Here’s a sampling of that app, featuring the best video game song of 2007.

Still Alive

Anyone remember the original Mario Paint on SNES? As silly as it was, getting to doodle around in freestyle or with whatever sprites the game provided was fun. Never underestimate the entertainment power of giving users complete creative freedom to do whatever the heck they want. DS got it right by having Pictochat available. But where in the world is the Wii-equivalent? And Pictochat is still pretty limited in scope. I’d love to create my own wallpaper or icons for my DS/Wii. I want to sent my friends crudely drawn ***** and ***** to offend them and make them laugh (or maybe just offend them). Even the Mario Paint Composer app would be amazing for either DS or Wii. User-created content is the wave of the future, and the future I want is the Legend of Zelda theme created entirely by fart sounds.