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Staff Rules

Avatar rules

  1. Each person is represented by a 100×100 avatar.
  2. The avatar must feature a single video game character that no one else is using.
  3. The avatar must clearly show your name on it.

Blogging rules

  1. Because does not support the bootlegging of games, any games that you write about on this site must be played from a legal copy. The game could be bought, borrowed, or rented, as long as it’s legit.
  2. Be sure check your entry with the proper Categories. Entries on DS games should be tagged with “DS”, Wii games with “Wii”, and so on.
  3. Please write with proper spelling and grammar.

How to use WordPress

  1. After logging in, look for “Add New” under “Posts”.
  2. To the bottom right of the entry text box, you should see a box that says “Categories”. It has a list of pre-defined categories. Please remember to select at least one for your entry.
  3. You are allowed to upload images and use them in your entry. Look for the icons above the entry box that are labelled with “Upload/Insert”. The first icon is for images.